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  • Profoto D4 Air
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Profoto D4 flash generators are worldwide renowned for their exemplary color and power stability, wide power range, precise adjustments and easy handling. Four fully asymmetric flash sockets and excellent performance, in combination with a wide assortment of light shaping tools, make them perfect all-round tools to master even the most demanding photographic jobs.
Now Profoto implements its proven "Air" radio remote and sync system in the D4 series. The new D4 1200 Air, D4 2400 Air and D4 4800 Air generators offer comfortable radio remote and reliable radio synchronization via the small and handy Profoto Air Remote or Profoto Air Sync transceivers (Air Sync – synchronization only).

Profoto Air transceivers have a working range up to 300m and extremely short delay. This allows the use of this radio sync with the shortest sync times of actual cameras (down to 1/1600s). The Air system works on 2.4GHz frequency for international use.


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